Make it an Amazing Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to build brain fitness and academic readiness with Be Amazing Learning!

  • Away from the academic challenges of the school year, children have the mental energy to focus on our programs’ rigorous exercises
  • Customizable daily and weekly schedules can work around summer camp and vacation plans.

Stop the brain drain this summer with these special summer offers from Be Amazing Learning and be ready for academic success next fall!

Summer Reading and Math Package

Combine Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant and FASTT Math from Be Amazing Learning to build foundational cognitive skills, literacy, and math fluency. Your child will return to school in the fall with improved brain processing efficiency, working memory and attention skills, plus be ready to tackle higher-order math.

Purchase 4 months of programs from Be Amazing Learning by June 1 at our already discounted price of $1500 and we’ll include 4 months of FASTT Math at no additional cost. That’s $2800 of academic skills training for just $1500!

Call us today at (800) 792-4809 to take advantage of this special summer offer!

Fast ForWord Boot Camp

Remember how short summer felt when you were a kid? One minute you’re celebrating the 4th of July, the next minute it’s Labor Day and time to go back to school.

Take advantage of the brief intensity of summer with Fast ForWord Summer Boot Camp from Be Amazing Learning. Purchase this package by July 1 and get 10 weeks of Fast ForWord programs for just $1000. That’s a savings of 20% off of our regular monthly price. Add 10 weeks of FASTT Math for just $200 more.

Call us today at (800) 792-4809 to get started!

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