Stumped for Halloween costume ideas? Dress up like a neuron!

We’ve previously posted about Neuroscience for Kids, a brain Web site that makes neuroscience accessible for kids. The site was created by Dr. Eric Chudler, a neuroscientist (Research Associate Professor) and Director of Education and Outreach at University of Washington Engineered Biomaterials in Seattle, Washington.

Neuroscience for Kids is jam packed with interesting activities for kids all about the brain: books and articles, brain games, and songs, including this little ditty (submitted by Richard Lord, Biology teacher at Presque Isle High School, and sung to the tune of “If I Only Had a Brain”):

“Because I have a Brain”

I can flex a muscle tightly, or tap my finger lightly,

It’s because I have a brain.

I can swim in the river, though it’s cold and makes me shiver,

Just because I have a brain.

I am really fascinated, to be coordinated,

It’s because I have a brain.

I can see lots of faces, feel the pain of wearing braces,

Just because I have a brain.

Oh, I appreciate – the many things that I can do.

I can taste – a chicken stew, or smell perfume, or touch the dew.

I am heavy with emotion, and often have the notion,

That life is never plain.

I have lots of personality, a sense of true reality

Because I have a brain.

And, just in time for the upcoming Halloween festivities, directions to create a neuron costume!

At Be Amazing Learning we love the idea of teaching children about neuroscience, and we find that they are receptive to learning about how the brain works. We find that as children and teens work on programs like Fast ForWord, they realize that they are building their brain processing power. They understand that through frequency and intensity of the programs, they can change their gray matter in a positive way.

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