Want to learn? Forget what you know!

In time for the back to school season, the New York Times highlights new research into the dos and don’ts of studying:

  • DON’T find a specific place to do all of your studying. The brain makes subtle associations between what you’re studying and background sensations. More variation in the background gives the information more “neural scaffolding.”
  • DO mix up your studying. Just like athletes mix strength, speed and skill training in their workouts, students should vary the type of material they study in a given study session.
  • DON’T cram for tests. Scientists say this is akin to cramming a cheap suitcase full of clothes before a trip. It’ll all fit in there, but it will all spill out before long. Space your studying to improve later recall.
  • DO embrace those tests. Scientists say the act of taking a test fundamentally changes the way information is stored in the brain in a way that makes it more accessible in the future.

We’ve got one more do to add (thought it wasn’t in the Times summary): DO ensure your child’s brain is processing at peak efficiency. Smart kids whose brains aren’t processing efficiently will struggle with even the best curriculum delivered by the very best teachers. The good news is that we can improve brain processing efficiency with programs like Fast ForWord. It’s not easy, but Be Amazing Learning can help. Give us a call!

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