Nutrition and the brain

If your family is anything like ours, there are frequent battles over what (and how much) your kids eat (or in our case, don’t eat). Here’s a new strategy: engage kids in the importance of good nutrition for brain health.

From Dr. Eric Chudler’s Neuroscience for Kids Web site:

Your brain is like a car. A car needs gasoline, oil, brake fluid and other materials to run properly. Your brain also needs special materials to run properly: glucose, vitamins, minerals and other essential chemicals. For example, the fuel (energy) for your brain is glucose. You can get glucose by eating carbohydrates or other foods that can be converted to glucose.

The article on nutrition includes a list of precursors for critical neurotransmitters, as well as effects of too little or too much of specific nutrients on the nervous system.

The entire Neuroscience for Kids site is a great resource for engaging students in the science of their brains. It includes brain fitness challenges, questions and answers and projects (from coloring books to science fairs). Take a look!

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