“New Science of Learning: Brain Fitness for Kids” on PBS

Public television is airing a 2 hour piece on the science of brain fitness. The piece features interviews with neuroscientists including Drs. Michael Merzenich and Paula Tallal who conducted much of the research that led to the development of the Fast ForWord programs.

From the KQED Web site:

This program explores the exciting promise of brain plasticity and how parents can use this to optimize learning and dramatically, positively and permanently impact the lives of children of all abilities. Through interviews with neuroscientists, psychologists, educators, parents and the children themselves, it tells the groundbreaking and moving story of previously unthinkable successes in learning and life.

For many years, the conventional wisdom in science and education had been that the majority of the brain’s functioning was established during the “critical period” of the first few years of life. It was thought that after these first years that the brain was hardwired by the child’s neurological history, genetics and life experiences. Following this way of thinking, a teacher worked within ‘limits’ rather than exploring the possibilities of a child’s ability to learn, and has doomed generations of children to a limited learning experience and an often deflated sense of self worth.

This is an exciting development for those of us who hope to see the new research on the importance of brain fitness become more mainstream.

The show will initially run in the San Francisco Bay Area on KQED, though a nationwide release is planned. Airing schedule and more info on the KQED Web site. We’ll have a review up next week.

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3 Responses to ““New Science of Learning: Brain Fitness for Kids” on PBS”

  1. Blasa.Brunner@yahoo.com Says:

    Missed the recent kqed san francisco ca. I would like to have the opportunity to see the entire broadcast on the subject. Thank you, Blasa Brunner

  2. uschi rensing Says:

    where can i vind this video

    • beamazinglearning Says:

      Our local PBS station (KQED in the San Francisco Bay Area) doesn’t have it on their schedule right now. But we’ll keep an eye out and post an update if it shows up. Stations in other areas may be currently showing it.

      As a sorry substitute, we offer a link to a 3 minute preview:

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