Thoughts from a Be Amazing mom

Parenting ain’t easy. And when something comes hard for your child, it can be frustrating and gut-wrenching. One mom, whose five year old is currently making his way through Fast ForWord Language, shared the following:

My husband and I have been around the block a few times to doctors and therapist with our son, who just turned 5 on December 26.  Countless hours have been spent with therapist after therapist, but we have never seen him progress as much as he has with FF.  We started the FF program three days before Thanksgiving, at which time we were pulling teeth to get a 3 to 4 word sentance out of him.  When he did say things, the word order was so wrong.  Today, he is spitting out 7-10 word sentances left and right.  Now believe me, he is still behind on speech and language skills compaired to his peers, but we are making progress…we are communicating now.  And it feels WONDERFUL!  Three months ago, we knew there was no way he would be ready to start Kindergarten in July.  His teachers now tell me that he is ready.

Now, if only Scientific Learning would invent something to make my three year old take a nap and get my six year old dressed in the morning…

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